Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series

$1,455.00 $2,079.00

What Ocean Rodeo has to say about the Glide A-series wing- 

Ocean Rodeo is proud to bring the new lighter weight Aluula material to winging. The Glide's extreme light weight helps create a balanced feeling whether you're surfing windswell or creating insane speed to take to the air and jump. Ocean Rodeo has been dedicated to improving the wind and water experience for the last 20 years and this wing is no exception. Ocean Rodeo is dedicated to producing high level gear that is a step above its predecessors and has never been known to rush things to market simply to tout a product as the latest and greatest. Rather a high level of research and design goes into each product until it has that polished feeling. 

All Ocean rodeo wings feature some level of the Aluula technology. The ultra light and strong Aluula material is a vision of the future that will continue to deliver the ultimate ride. The Glide A-series is 40% lighter than the industry standard dacron. This means more power, more float and more fun!


  • The entire Wing is 50% lighter than competing Dacron framed Wings
  • The airframe tear resistance is 2x stronger than Dacron

The Glide A-series can handle higher PSI than the industry standard Dacron. This gives you a lighter and much stiffer wing with improved handling in all situations.