Goodwinds... A brand in the making

Goodwinds... A brand in the making

A lot goes into designing our apparel and merchandise.

From selecting the best tech and environmentally friendly; to getting creative with the designs. Finding inspiration on the things that surrounds, and with a glass of wine on hand we sometimes laugh with many of the crazy ideas... dog on a golf cart, UFO coming out of the water...

All designs are made by GoodWinds Owner Karla Barrera or guest artists, such as Brian Steely (who also designs for music bands such as Phish, Mumford and Sons etc), and printing by local companies such as Transompr!

We also seek to feature many local artists and their creations. There is so much creativity in Puerto Rico and we just need to put ourselves out there!

Be part of history, and support the regrowth of Puerto Rico.

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